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The main material used in all our rugs is wool; in India, it is from New Zealand, and in Nepal Tibet. We are huge advocates of wool; we believe it is hands down the hardest wearing of all the carpet-making materials, and as fibres go, it is one of the most resilient. Not only is it renewable, but being naturally sourced from sheep, and not under-going any chemical procedures to make it into yarn that is weavable, it is also completely organic. As such it is also 100% bio-degradable. All in all, we think it is the most environmentally friendly yarn you can use.

Other plus points of wool:

  • Natural soil resistance
  • Soft and luxurious to the touch
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Non-allergenic
  • Resists furniture crush
  • Unlike synthetic fibres (such as PET) it naturally resists static
  • Easily cleaned; the fibres naturally repel moisture
  • Doesn’t attract dirt and dust so hoovering keeps it clean
  • Provides sound insulation due to its dense fibres
  • An insulator; providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer
Weaving with wool in India


For our patterns and accent colours we also use Art Silk which is artificial silk. Artificial silk comes in many forms; we use Viscose which is a generalized term for a silk-like fibre created from plant materials like wood pulp. It is also known as Bamboo and Banana Silk which are made from the pulp of their respective plants. They are all from natural sources which are manufactured to become silk-like yarn used for weaving

Art silk is very popular and has many positive qualities; it is renewable, vegan, and soft and lustrous like silk, often mistaken for it, but is more accessible as it doesn’t have the same price tag. It is a great substitute and we have used it for 20 years, to wonderful reviews, however it is important to treat it to help strengthen and protect the fibres. We offer micro-seal protection which is fantastic.

All our pricing on our ‘Bespoke Rugs’ page is for rugs made in wool and Art Silk

Art silk poms


A hand-knotted rug made in wool and real silk (from silk worms) is the most luxurious and highest quality rug you can have. It is genuinely timeless and will last for generations, as antique rugs lay testament to. 

We can use real silk in any of our designs and do so for many of our clients. In Kathmandu our team uses Chinese silk, and in India, silk that is cultivated in Bangalore. It is priced on an individual basis depending on the ratio of silk to wool in each particular design. For example, our Zebra Herringbone, which would be 40% silk (the blue pattern) would be £970/sqm if it was real silk (as opposed to £770). So a 1.8m x 2.4m rug would be £4,190.40 (compared to £3,326.40 for art silk). If you would like a quote for any of our rugs to be made in silk please do get in touch. 

Because of the undisputed strength of its fibre, real silk is exceptionally hard-wearing and easy to clean. 


Your rug should last for an incredibly long time if looked after properly. 

We work with a wonderful family run company called Classic Rug Care who know everything there is to know about rugs. They deliver and install our bespoke rugs where possible, offering a fantastic personal service. But they are also specialists at rug caring, maintenance and amendments. We don’t know where we’d be without them!


We offer a special protection called micro-seal on all of our rugs. 

Micro-seal is a sealant that permeates the fibres, rather than coating them, and lasts up to 5 or 6 professional cleans, which is equal to a few years. It protects from stains and soiling, UVA and B sun fade, mould and mildew and increases resistance by 60%. It is labelled as non-toxic, has no fluorochemicals and emits zero VOC’s, and is bio-degradable.

It can be re-applied by our brilliant team at Classic Rug Care at any time.

Recycled rugs made from wool


Sustainability, recycling and non-wastage are concepts we should all be aware of, whatever line of business we are in. We are more than aware that a bespoke company such as ours, where materials are dyed up to customised colours for each order, while being amazing, comes with its fair share of inevitable wastage.

We therefore came up with the idea of our ‘Recycled Rugs’; a rolling collection of flatweaves made from the left-over wool of bespoke orders. They not only help reduce wastage but also, as an ongoing project keep weavers weaving when we go through quiet patches.  As they are made 100% from wool, they are exceptionally durable but also bio-degradable, a truly sustainable product through and through. Plus, being made literally from any remnants lying around, each one is completely unique in its design, a total one-off. They are perfect for open-plan and family areas.

Recycled rug


Our rugs are made to last for years and years, but if you have come to the end of the road with yours please think twice before simply throwing it away. There are various options you can do instead to avoid landfill.

Refurbish: if you simply need to change the rug you have to suit another interior, this could be possible. Our team at Classic Rug Care are wonders at amending rugs by either cutting them down or changing their shape.

Re-home: Nothing pleases us more than one of our rugs popping up on Ebay or Lots Road Auctions. Many auction houses, as well as online platforms like Vinterior, will take second-hand rugs. Otherwise, there are lots of charities that you can donate to (Women’s refuges, Furnishing Futures, British Heart Foundation to name a few)

Re-cycle (preferably the last option): If you do decide your rug is in such bad condition the only option is to throw it away, please find somewhere that will re-cycle it properly. Anglo Recycling ensures that it would be broken down and re-used to its full potential.

If you would like advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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