There is no hard and fast rule for how big a rug should be in any given interior, it really is a personal choice and what looks ‘right’ to your eye and the look you’d like to ultimately achieve. 

But here are a few images and tips that could maybe help you if you are finding it hard to decide. 

Sitting Room

This could be a single ‘Sitting Room’ or ‘Drawing Room’ or a ‘Sitting Area’ in a large Open Plan Space. Either way there are generally 3 options of how to put your rug, whatever the furniture layout:

Option 1

Placing the rug within the sofa and chairs. This can either be with a gap around it (as shown here) or right up to the bottom of the furniture. Be careful of this option if you have a very large, solid coffee table as the rug can then look like it’s an island.

Option 2

Placing the rug half way under the sofa and chairs. This is generally a happy medium if you’re not sure what to do. It can give the illusion of the rug being bigger than it is and in turn makes the whole area look bigger. It is often my go to choice.

Option 3

Placing the rug all the way under the furniture. If you are able to do this it is a fantastic option especially if there is a lot of room around the sofas or if the Sitting Area is part of a large open plan space. It really grounds the area and helps create a separate zone.


No wall is ever completely straight and no (hand made) rug is completely straight therefore the key thing in a hall is to not go too far to the wall; always make sure there is a gap of at least 5cm so you’re not having a ‘lined up’ look. Apart from that it can be as long as you like. Just make sure there are no doors that won’t be able to open over it (although these can generally be easily shaved at the bottom) and if it starts one side of a piece of furniture it would look better if it ends on the other side, as seen here with the console table.


Option 1

Placing the rug at the bottom of the bed. This can then obviously be as big as you like depending on the space, although as seen here it looks better if its width is more than the bed on each side. Also if you have a chaise or bench at the end of the bed this can sit on or off it.

Option 2

Placing the rug half way under the bed. This is a safe and generous option. However if you do this it is quite nice to place it far enough up so that you step out of bed onto it, and also have enough at the bottom of the bed to see it. 

Option 3

Placing the rug all the way under the bed and side tables. This is a great option if it’s a large bedroom and you have a lot of floor as it makes it very cosy. Also it really works if you have side tables that are high and have legs that show the flooring underneath.

Dining Room

In a Dining Area I always say go for a minimum of 70cm beyond the table on all sides so that you have room to push back your chair without it falling off (For example if it is a 100cm x 150cm table, go for a 240cm x 290cm rug minimum). If you’re unsure play around with the chairs you have and see where they go back to. If you can, 80-90cm is even better.

Drawings by Skye Turner

And Another Thing...

If you are looking for a bespoke rug Amy will come to you on a site visit so she can advice you on sizing, as well as bringing any of the designs so you can see them in situ. 

Over the years we have made rugs in some very unusual shapes so if this is something you are looking for get in touch. We can also do rugs as fitted wall to wall carpet, Stair Runners and rugs to fit into recesses. We work with some fantastic specialist rug fitters that make all these things possible.

Click here if you have any queries or if you’d like to schedule a face time call where we can view your interior and help you further.