Your rug should last for many years and ultimately become the family heirloom it deserves to be. But only if you look after it properly.

Here are a few key points and tips to help you:


Vacuuming: This is the most important component of maintaining your rugs. They should be lightly brushed or vacuumed on a low setting regularly to prevent the build-up of damaging dust and grit, especially in high usage areas. Areas of minimal use can be vacuum cleaned less often.

Loose threads: once you’ve received your rug it’s normal to spot loose threads coming to the surface. This is where they’ve been missed in the trimming during the finishing stage of its making and have worked their way up. You simply just need to cut it with sharp scissors so it’s the same height as the rest of the rug. It won’t unravel, they are individual knotted threads.

Edges: Be especially careful when hoovering the edges of the rug. They are durable and tightly bound but over time can come loose with wear and tear. Threads that come loose can easily be sewn back on the underside.

Spills and accidents; the golden rule here is to act straight away. Whatever the spillage is, like a carpet, if you let it dry it will be harder to deal with. See the leaflet below for tips on particular substances and how they can be treated if reached immediately. Don’t panic if you only notice once dried our specialist team are fantastic and will do all they can to repair the damage.

Micro-seal: We offer a protective sealant called micro-seal which helps protect your rug and ultimately gives it longevity. It also helps with sun fading. Click here to read more about it.

Underlay: We offer Foxi super plus underlay which we would heavily recommend for rugs going on both hard floors and carpet. Not only does it protect your rug it also keeps it firmly in place so it doesn’t ‘ruck up’ and therefore prevents tripping.

Over the Years

We have a wonderful team in Essex called Classic Rug Care. They are a husband and wife team, Richard and Ann, and their team, who are not only responsible for all the deliveries and installations of our rugs, but are also experts in cleaning and amending rugs. With over 25 years of experience in the rug world they really have seen it all and are fantastic at solving tricky situations. 

They can periodically take away your rug and professionally clean it, they can also spot clean your rug in situ if it is difficult to remove or held down by extremely heavy furniture. 

Visit their website for more rug advice and to contact them or download their Rug Care Leaflet in the link below. They also sell a rug care kit if you would like to purchase one.