Amy kent - about

Established in 2005 Amy Kent is a beautiful collection of hand made rugs.

The designs are inspired by every day shapes - from trees, leaves and flowers to architectural features and patterns. They are all simple designs that are both classic and contemporary, suiting traditional and modern interiors alike. All the rugs are made to order and can be individually customised - any size can be specified and we have an extensive range of colours to choose from.

The rugs are made in both India and Nepal, in regions well known for their carpet making skills. The majority of our designs are hand knotted using the Nepalese weave technique, in either 60, 80 or 100 knots per square inch, depending on the detail of the design. We also have a geometric range of hand woven dhurries - both the hand knotted and hand woven techniques are done individually on looms and are extremely durable. The backgrounds are typically made from wool, with the patterns in art silk, although they can be made solely from wool or art silk if preferred. Both materials are hand dyed in the regions. We can also use chinese silk.